Coinprism now supports Two-factor authentication

Today we are adding support for two-factor authentication in Coinprism.

If you’re not familiar with two-factor, this is a way to ensure your account is secure, by protecting it with a one time password generated by your own phone, this code is in addition to your normal password. This way, if your password is compromised, nobody can maliciously log into your Coinprism account, unless he also has access to your phone. Two-factor authentication basically provides an extra layer of security to protect your Coinprism account and keep your Bitcoins and Colored Coins safe. You can read more about two-factor authentication here.

To setup two-factor authentication on your Coinprism account, you need to have a mobile device and you need to follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Coinprism account at
  2. Go to your Account Settings and make sure you add your full real name. In case you lose your phone and need to reset your two-factor authentication, we will ask you to provide a proof of identity.
    set name
  3. Then go to your Account Settings > Two Factor and:
      • If you don’t already have one, install an authenticator app on your mobile device (see the following links for: AndroidiPhone or Windows Phone)
      • In the authenticator app of your phone, select “Set up account” or “Add account”, as account name enter “Coinprism”, then enter the key provided in your Coinprism account.
      • The authenticator app will now generate one time passwords, enter the one you see to enable two-factor authentication in your Coinprism account
      • Click Save in Coinprism

    set two factor

  4. When logging into Coinprism you now need to provide this additional one time password.
    add your code when signing in

Note that two-factor does not protect you if you forget your password. To avoid losing your private keys we highly recommend you back them up using the export wallet tab. For security reasons Coinprism does not store your password so losing your password with no backup would mean you lose your private keys and any Bitcoins/Colored Coins associated to these.

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