Australian hair salon Klippt starting crowdfunding campaign with colored coins


Colored Coins is an increasingly popular way for businesses to run crowdfunding campaigns at low costs. Last month, the company Vapetropolis held an IPO on the Bitcoin blockchain using Colored Coins, through Coinprism.

This week, the Australian hair salon Klippt will be raising funds to open four new stores in 2014. Klippt has been opened since 2011 and already has three stores in Brisbane and South-East Queensland. They plan a national expansion in 2015.

Klippt will be selling up to 150,000 shares, and each share will be sold at 1 AUD. After this, shares can be traded on the open market. It can be noted that Klippt offers to buy back the shares at the initial price to offset any investor risk.

Investors will receive dividends on a quarterly basis, based on a percentage of the cash on hand. These will be paid in Bitcoins.

Shares will be issued on the Bitcoin blockchain as Colored Coins so investors should make sure they use a wallet compatible with the open assets protocol, such as Coinprism, to invest. “Color-blind” wallets will not be aware of the shares being sent to them.

If you want to invest or read more details, you can check on the Klippt website.

Using colored coins makes it easier and cheaper for both Klippt and the investors. No metacoin has to be bought, and no special fee has to be paid.

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