Colored coins now supporting dividends

Crypto-tokens such as colored coins have been a very popular way to run a crowdfunding campaign in the last few months. We’ve seen recently the Australian hair salon Klippt raising money through Coinprism. We are happy to announce two new features making Coinprism even more compelling for crowdfunding.

1. Dividends

You can now easily send dividends to any holders of colored coins. This can be done in just a few clicks. In your Coinprism account, go to the “Send coins” tab and then click “Send dividends” or visit this page. In the “From address”, select the address from which you want to send the Bitcoins from. In the “Color address” you need to enter the colored coin address (starting with a 3). You can click on “Addresses” to see the colored coin addresses from your Coinprism account. Note that you don’t need to own the colored coin issuing address to send colored coins to coin holders. Finally, you enter the amount of Bitcoins you want to send to the owners of that colored coin. Coinprism will then calculate how many Bitcoins is each colored coins entitled to, and prepare a single transaction paying all the owners of the coin. The transaction is a normal Bitcoin transaction with multiple recipients. It is possible to select at which point in time (specifically which block number) shareholders are considered. If you select the last block of June, every address who owned the coin at the end of June will receive the dividends, even if they since sold them. This is possible because the Blockchain is a full historical ledger. send dividends

2. Information about coin owners

The colored coin information lives entirely on the Blockchain, so everyone is free to examine the data in the Blockchain, and tell which addresses own which colored coins. Starting today, you can see the list of addresses holding a particular colored coin directly on Coinprism. No need for you to run a full Bitcoin node, and datamine the Blockchain, we are doing it for you. This can be found on the color definition page of any color.  

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