You can now list your assets on a colored coins exchange

Today, we are extremely excited to announce a partnership between Coinprism and MasterXchange. Until today, exchanging colored coins has always been quite ad hoc. People have been running crowd sales using the crowdsale feature in Coinprism, and that works well for the initial sale, however many people have been asking about a secondary market.

This is now possible thanks to MasterXchange. They are now offering the ability to list any asset on their exchange. That will create an empty order book where people can go and place orders for buying or selling the asset.

Simply follow this link, and copy the asset ID of your colored coin, a market will be automatically created.

Remember, creating an asset on Coinprism costs just a Bitcoin transaction fee (3 cents, or even free if you want, as they are optional), compared to $5,700 for BitShares, $40 for NXT, and $1.73 for Counterparty.

MasterXchange is the first to list a colored coin asset on the exchange.

You can deposit and withdraw colored coins onto any Open Assets compatible wallet such as Coinprism or Colorcore.


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  • DigitalBitcoin

    Is that $5700 for BitShares ??

    • xeroc

      Probably .. if not even slightly higher ..
      in BTSX this prevents assets spam (take a look at NXT) .. the main BTSX blockchain focuses on ‘real’ business ..

      BitShares ME (another bts DAC blockchain) will have much cheaper assets .. for everyone .. !!

      • Theo Goodman

        “real” business can not be defined as willing to pay 5700$ to create an asset, just because you

        have tha much money to spend on a listing does not say anything about the business. Sure it prevents “spam” but does nothing to prove if the business is “real” or not.